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Head of Art
Miss. Jackson - Head of Art


Year 11 |     Year 13

An artist should not accept, but question. An artist should look at old and new, research opposing concepts and explore different realities in the pursuit of truth. If necessary, artists should break away from established ´norms` if they are not conducive to their way forward in finding new ways to communicate that arouse fundamental sensations that reach deeper than traditional schools of thought. Artists need to look profoundly into their own minds if they are to encourage the viewer to search his own, so that powers of perception are challenged and a deeper emotive level of awareness is found. This may, on occasion, disrupt our comfortable, established view of the world around us, but we must, through Art, let the instinctive perception of students shine through so that they stay closely in touch with their artistic ideas and have them acknowledged.

For years, we at EIC have been building up an impeccable reputation as one of Spain's top specialist schools for Art. Our GCSE and A Level students are consistently awarded the best of grades, year on year. A large scale gallery is always purpose built for the showcasing of examination work and is repeatedly received with amazement at the high standards our pupils reach. This year, we do not want to disappoint and will not let adversity stand in our way of exhibiting the outstanding outcomes produced by our Year 11`s and 13`s. We are proud to offer both an online and live exhibition, giving everybody a chance to view the outstanding work.