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Welcome to the EIC Alumni Page

Dear Alumni,

Welcome to the alumni page that is solely devoted to our ex-students.

For a long time now I have been thinking of starting a platform on which our ex students can write a little about their present lives and to tell us what they remember about their time when they were at our school.

At the beginning, I wanted to ask only the students who had studied chemistry up to A level, since a closer relationship is built between the student and the teacher in the two years of the course. However, I changed my mind about this as it was both unfair and only a few students study chemistry at A levels.

I am currently the oldest serving member of the staff at the school. So I know a huge number of students who have studied here especially if they went through the senior school.

I started teaching in this school in September 1984 but at that time I taught only for a few hours a week in order to prepare a Chemistry class for their GCSE exams. These were difficult times. My husband and I had just moved from England. We lived in a high rise building close to the roundabout in El Rosario. We had a small baby and I would walk to the school with Richard in the pram by the side of the main road and cross it when there was no central reservation. Even in those times the traffic was heavy and it was dangerous to cross the road.

I, like other teachers, love to see our ex students when they visit us at school. But these visits, as expected, dwindle with time as these young men and women settle down all over the world. Luckily, with the advent of Facebook we can follow some of them and learn where they are and what they are actually doing.

I sometimes bump into some ex-students when I am out and about. I love these occasions and have spent up to an hour just chatting with them reminiscing about the old times when they were at school.

Hopefully, this page will end up being as great a vehicle as our Year Book full of memories worth reading over and over again.

Maria Sutcliffe

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Dr Maria Sutcliffe

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