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Welcome to the PTA

The new structure of the PTA has been agreed after consultation with all parents. This consultation has been through online forms ,  and subsequent meetings with interested parents and SLT (Senior Leadership Team). The feedback and outcomes from this process has led to the creation of two clearly defined groups that will make up the PTA and will cover a range of school related issues and areas. These are the Events and Fundraising Team and the Academic and Pastoral Team.  Each of these groups will be led by coordinators who will be supported by Class Reps in the case of the Academic Pastoral Team and  representatives with the Events and Fundraising Team.


  • Karoliina S, Christine M, Su W and Debbie B were elected and agreed to be the Events & Fundraising Coordinators.
  • Katie H. and Sophia B. were elected and agreed to be the Primary Coordinators.

  • Heather S. and Sarah C. were elected and agreed to be the Secondary Coordinators.

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