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Welcome to The EIC Primary

Infant School (age 3-6) & Primary School (age 7-11)

Head of Primary
Mrs. Harriet - Head of Primary

A Warm Welcome to EIC Primary

At EIC, we firmly believe in the individual learning journey of each child. Our Primary School is staffed with qualified and experienced teachers, whose mission is to offer a balanced and broadly based-curriculum, which can then be tailored to individual needs and specific year groups. We pride ourselves on being a fundamental building block in children's lives and helping them to succeed and reach their goals. It is our job to ensure that the children in our care are well-rounded, well-supported and confident to be able to navigate not only environments where they feel comfortable, but also the wider world.

The EIC Primary Learning Culture

Creating a motivating and safe learning environment is the priority for all primary staff; where everyone is able to experience success, feel valued and have high self-esteem. There is a consistently positive approach to maintaining appropriate behaviour and celebrating the success of one another.

Our learning culture begins first and foremost with the exceptional teaching that we are able to offer our students. We offer a curriculum that is comparable with any found in top British primary schools. We are able to do this by ensuring staff are kept up to date with all curriculum provisions and developments in the UK, and that they are given the flexibility to be innovative and creative with their teaching.

We are one of the few primary schools who can boast specialist teaching in Computing, Music, Physical Education, Spanish, French* and German* to all students from the age of 3. In turn, this allows for EIC students to be exposed to a variety of teaching styles and rich, challenging learning opportunities, taught by subject experts. We are justifiably proud of our unique and nurturing learning culture within the primary school. EIC Primary offers more than the spirit and feeling of community; it offers a sense of family, of being and of belonging, and this is why our students consistently make outstanding academic progress, whilst also being kind, happy and motivated young individuals.

*from Upper Primary upwards

Brief Curriculum Overview

A Very Brief Outline of our Curriculum

We follow the EYFS Statutory Framework for students in Early Years and Reception, and the Primary National Curriculum in England for students in Year 1 - Year 6. We are, however, in the enviable position of being able to adapt and tailor the curriculum to the needs of the individual child. We have made provision in our teaching day to include specialist lessons in PE, Computing, Music and Modern Foreign Languages. PSHE and Well-being is also a big focus in the Primary School, and we continually adapt our curriculum to be reflective of current themes and trends, always listening to the needs of the students.

Infant School

Infant School
(Early Years, Reception & Year 1 - Age 3 - 6)

We base the children’s learning experiences upon the Seven Areas of Learning from the EYFS curriculum, and tailor this to suit our children’s needs and interests. We also firmly believe in planning in the moment, and taking the lead from the children so that lessons reflect their curiosity and help them to answer some of their bigger questions.

Whilst it is vital that children learn how to interact, play and behave appropriately, we do not delay the exposure to, and formal teaching of Phonics, Communication and Language and Number. These skills are vital to a child’s development and give them a great foundation of which to work from.

Our classrooms are set up to encourage the children to take ownership of their learning and we set aside time for the children to experience continuous provision each day, expanding upon what they already know and exploring this in their own way.

We love to celebrate our youngest students with our Star Charts, WOW moments, detailed personalised feedback each week and Star of the Week certificates.

Lower Primary

Lower Primary
(Years 2, 3 & 4 - Age 7 - 9)

With the curriculum change from Year 2 to Year 3, some students can find this an extremely overwhelming time. In Year 2, we begin to introduce the children to the routines and expectations of Year 3, so that they feel more confident and comfortable when they make the move.

Phonics continues to be a vital focus in both Year 2 and Year 3. With all three year groups, there is also an emphasis on children being able to read, write, spell and use in context, the High Frequency and Common Exception Words.

From Year 2 upwards, all students are placed into Houses: Agua, Aire, Fuego and Tierra. Children work hard to earn house points through good work, progress, excellent attendance, outstanding manners, consistent attitudes to learning, and inter-house events.

Children are rewarded with house points, personalised feedback each week, and Star of the Week certificates.

Key Stage Two

Upper Primary
(Years 5 & 6 - Age 10 - 11)

The focus in Upper Primary is independence and finding solutions. In these year groups, children are exposed to a wider curriculum with the introduction of French and German, and further opportunities to make tangible links with our Secondary PE, Maths, Science and Computing Departments in preparation for Secondary.

In both Year 5 and Year 6, children get to experience a residential trip. This is a compulsory trip for all students, taken in the month of June. These invaluable experiences help children to develop holistically and to put into practice many of the skills that they have learnt at school.

We also offer a residential ski trip to Sierra Nevada and, depending on the interests of the students, a residential sports tour.

Our House Captains (Year 6) take on a range of jobs and responsibilities, particularly with our younger students and are great role models to all of the students in the Primary School.

At the end of Year 6, students "graduate" from Primary School with a special Leavers Assembly and a graduation ceremony at the school’s official Graduation and Awards Ceremony.

Once again, the students are rewarded with house points, personalised feedback each week, and Star of the Week certificates.

Small Class Sizes

We are proud of our small student to teacher ratio, with a maximum of twenty students per class. Children have the opportunity for their learning to be personalised and tailored to suit their individual needs; happiness and wellbeing are key components to their learning journey.

Our Teaching Excellence

Our high academic standards lie at the heart of our pedagogy. The vibrant engagement between teachers and students makes learning at EIC a unique opportunity to shape a world full of possibilities.

Global Universities

Our consistent success at A Level over the last 40 years has seen students progress to university in the UK, (including Oxbridge, Imperial, LSE & UCL) the USA, Canada, Spain, Ireland, Belgium, Switzerland, the Netherlands and Sweden. A Levels continue to be the proven path to a global future.

Our Close Community

The EIC vision reflects the key values of our community. We believe learning does not happen in isolation but through the support of peers, staff and families. Trust becomes the foundation of meaningful relationships at The EIC.

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