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Charities, Fundraising and Community Involvement

Our work with charities, both local and national, has spanned the history of EIC.  The school has always reached out to all types of causes, be it immediate disasters or raising awareness of long term issues or diseases. 

Giving the students both the exposure and chance to understand and volunteer helps them appreciate and reflect on their own privileges. It is also a way to help build local connections to the community; this is important at all times, but during the last year it has proven more vital than ever. 

Below you can find a few of our links with local charities.

Red Cross

Our history with the Red Cross stems back even further, with over seven years of collaboration. These drives are a focal point of our year, with the whole community bringing in donations for families in need. In 2019 we were able to raise over 8000 items of food or equipment.  In recent years, students have helped deliver the donations to the Fuengirola Red Cross centre and see first-hand the need that exists in the local community. 

In 2019 we were honoured to be awarded special recognition of our support towards the Red Cross over the last eight years. The recognition award was given by the mayoress of Fuengirola, Her Excellency Ana María Mula Redruello, at an awards ceremony held at the Palacio de la Paz in Fuengirola.

Morocco Charities

In terms of giving students exposure and experience, our links with special needs schools and orphanages in Morocco have been an extraordinary opportunity. Every year, our students travel to Morocco to visit and help at these institutions; they return impacted and humbled at the work that takes place.

Animals in Marbella Sanctuary

Our partnership with Animals in Marbella Sanctuary, AIMS, a newly registered charity located in Marbella, serves as an excellent platform for instilling in children the importance of pet ownership, while also educating them about the responsibilities involved and the repercussions of abandoning or mistreating animals. Commencing education on Animal Welfare at an early age is crucial.

Our students have organised fundraising and awareness events for AIMS. Additionally, the AIMS team frequently visits our school, delivering informative talks and facilitating safe interactions between dogs and students as part of our collaborative efforts.

AIMS comprises a dedicated team of animal enthusiasts committed to the care and rehabilitation of dogs of all ages, from puppies to seniors. They have pinpointed key areas where support for animals, particularly canines, is most needed along the coast and beyond. Their ethos revolves around optimism, positivity, and collective action to achieve our shared goals.

Working with AIMS allows us to help student wellbeing by offering days to walk the dogs, meet the puppies and understand the bigger picture of owning a pet. AIMS come into the EIC on a regular basis to offer talks and allow students to interact with the dogs.

The interaction with the dogs is known to release feel-good hormones like oxytocin and reduce stress levels. At the EIC we are excited and proud to offer this innovative and effective approach to supporting children's mental health and well-being.

Their initiatives include:

  • Offering high-quality adoption and re-homing services
  • Providing training programmes for both adopted and privately-owned dogs
  • Delivering rehabilitation services for dogs in various states of need, including the elderly, sick, and those requiring behaviour modification
  • Implementing virtual adoption programmes for animals facing challenges in finding immediate rehoming opportunities
  • Conducting educational and advisory services for pet owners, as well as school initiatives aimed at educating children about animal welfare, responsible dog ownership, and sterilisation campaigns.

Pro Dunas

Each year, our students travel to our local sponsored dune in Elviria to help this organization repair natural features. The students work in Houses to remove huge quantities of alien plant species and help protect the natural flora and fauna.

DEBRA Butterfly Skin

We have worked with this charity for well over five years. During this time we have held numerous events, including our memorable Rock It! music concerts. These incredible evenings of entertainment from students, singers and bands were organized, with all proceeds going to the charity. Our work with DEBRA has undoubtedly raised awareness of a complex and life changing disease.

Our students regularly volunteer to work in charity shops, as well as participating in Christmas wrapping drives.

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