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The aim of The English International College is to provide opportunities for our students to discover, explore and develop their talents in a friendly and supportive atmosphere that encourages academic and personal achievement. We offer a broad and balanced education that recognises the importance of academic success without neglecting the role that education plays in helping pupils to develop a wider understanding of themselves and others. We wish to encourage students to develop self-discipline and self-confidence in a caring environment.

As an English school in Spain with over 70% of our students of UK origin, we also benefit from pupils of over 20 differing nationalities. We believe that the EIC has a unique opportunity to encourage them, not only to appreciate the rich culture and language of their host country, but also to develop a broader awareness of the world in which they live.

The school is open to all, whatever their educational, cultural and religious background, provided that they can communicate at the correct level in the language of instruction. There are no entrance examinations; students are required to attend an interview with the Director or Principal and undergo an assessment test. The admission criterion is whether we can be of benefit to the student who wishes to learn at the appropriate level. Anti-social behaviour in any form, be it bullying (physical, psychological or cyber), disruption or intimidation, is unacceptable and is not tolerated. The school has a uniform policy which is rigorously pursued in order for students to understand and respect the requirements of the establishment and the merits of uniformity at this early age.

We believe that education is a partnership between teachers, parents and pupils, and close co-operation is essential if students are to challenge and expand their capability levels. As a school that educates pupils from the age of three to eighteen, we realise that we have a singular responsibility to help and guide the development of children through some of their most important years, and to enable them to leave school with the confidence and ability to accept the challenges, opportunities and responsibilities of adult life. When students leave us for university, they take with them qualities of leadership, problem solving, creative thinking, self-confidence, communication and teamworking skills: indeed, all of the attributes required as an essential foundation for a successful future.


The English International College, located near Marbella on the Costa del Sol, Spain, was founded in the summer of 1982. Established to be “free of all political, racial or religious prejudice”, and originally composed of just five classrooms, the school was opened with a roll of 32 primary and secondary students.

Within a year, extended premises were acquired and the school began to function with complete Primary and Secondary Departments.

In November 1983, the college passed a full inspection by members of Her Majesty’s Inspectorate from Great Britain and was later recognised by the Ministerio de Educación y Ciéncias in Spain, having received its accreditation on the 23rd March 1984 from the Consejería de Educación of the Junta de Andalucía. The college was admitted into the National Association of British Schools in Spain (NABSS), at the same time. The school grew steadily and, in 1993, it obtained membership of the European Council of International Schools. From September of that year, it became licensed to accept Spanish nationals at all levels.

The college was originally a privately owned institution; it later became an S.A.L (cooperative) body before exploring various other organisational structures which would best serve and protect its integrity.

During its history, the EIC has been proud of its successes: examination results have been consistently impressive and students have gone on to study at many of the most prestigious universities and colleges around the world, including Oxford, Cambridge, Imperial, Harvard and Yale. We enjoy the recognition of most premier universities as a centre of academic excellence. As a result students of the EIC are actively sought by these bodies, with scholarships and exhibitions offered as incentives. Our students repeatedly receive multiple offers for university placements.


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