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Latest News
Year 10 Chemistry - Electroplating

Nov 08, 2022 | | Tags: KS4, Science

Year 10 Chemistry students have been learning about the principles of electroplating; a technique used for gold-plating jewellery.

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Year 10 Students introduced to Some of the Most Common Logical Fallacies

Nov 04, 2022 | | Tags: KS4, Horizons

Year 10 students were introduced to some of the most common logical fallacies (errors in reasoning). By the end of the session, students were able to identify the logical fallacy in given arguments. This is a very useful skill, especially for future debaters!

EIC Halloween 2022

Oct 25, 2022 | | Tags: Primary

What a spectacle and what a way to finish our Autumn half term! Halloween arrived early to The EIC on Friday and there were plenty of treats in store for the students. Primary parents were thrilled to see the students parading their incredible array of costumes - some would not have looked out of…

Official Opening of our Beautiful Outdoor Learning Space - The Secret Garden

Oct 20, 2022 |

In celebration of 40 years of The English International College, we were delighted to officially open our beautiful outdoor learning space which has already become a haven to our students and staff. We have worked on the plans for the transformation of this space for a number of years so to finally see…

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Year 7 Explore Literal Meanings in All Languages

Oct 19, 2022 | | Tags: KS3

The Year 7 students explored the "Big Idea” of how literal meanings in all languages are different to what they actually mean. Students had the opportunity to learn many expressions that have been part of our language for centuries. Now it is time to put them into practice and show their good levels…

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Year 4 Had a Fantastic Day out at Castellar Zoo

Oct 19, 2022 | | Tags: Primary

Year 4 had a fantastic day out at Castellar Zoo. The children loved seeing all the animals and got up close and personal with many of them. It is great to know that there are organisations that care so much for these animals.

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Year 10 English students explored the Big Idea of Social Responsibility

Oct 17, 2022 | | Tags: KS4

Year 10 English students explored the big idea of social responsibility today. They started with a quote quest, racing to find powerful quotations from the play text 'An Inspector Calls,' all of which connect to social responsibility. They then worked in groups to practice their critical thinking skills…

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Year 9 Providing Continued Conservation Support of our Local Dunes

Oct 13, 2022 | | Tags: Eco Team

In conjunction with Produnas, Year 9 spent the morning at our local beach providing continued conservation support of our dunes. Beatriz, a Produnas representative, sent us this lovely message:   English We are very grateful for the involvement, dedication and care with which you treat the dunes. It…

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Year 5 had a fantastic time at the Bioparc Fuengirola

Oct 12, 2022 | | Tags: Primary

Year 5 had a fantastic time at the Biopark to help further enhance their knowledge and understanding of their Science topic based on Animals including Humans and Lifecycles. They learnt a range of facts about the different animals and they also discovered how the Biopark is helping some endangered species…

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Year 3 visited The Food Room as part of their Science focus on food, diet and healthy eating

Oct 11, 2022 | | Tags: Primary

Year 3 visited The Food Room as part of their Science focus on food, diet and healthy eating. They were met by Mariola and her fabulous team, who reminded them of the importance of good hygiene, whilst getting them kitted up for the great cooking extravaganza to begin. During their session the children…



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