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Latest News
Year 10 Business Studies Students Construct a Mind Map Relating to Motivating Employees.

Jan 13, 2022 | | Tags: KS4, Humanities

Year 10 students were asked to construct a mind map relating to Motivating Employees. The activity encourages students to collaborate by discussing the topic and sharing ideas, this in turn can help provide new perspectives. Targeted questioning can then help identify gaps in student knowledge and enable…

Record-breaking Red Cross Drive 2021

Dec 22, 2021 | | Tags: Charity, PTA

Congratulations once again to our EIC families and wonderful PTA for this year's record-breaking Red Cross Drive. In our 10th year of fundraising we have helped many families in the local community and your donations will make a difference to those struggling through the Christmas Holidays. A special…

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Outstanding Cambridge Learner Awards for gaining the Highest Marks in Spain

Dec 21, 2021 | | Tags: Sixth Form

We are delighted to announce that Elena and Amiya have been awarded Outstanding Cambridge Learner Awards for gaining the Highest Marks in Spain for AS level English Language and Literature respectively. Congratulations also to Isobel and Summer who were awarded high marks in Spain for IGCSE First…

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Year 6 Maths Extension Classes

Dec 08, 2021 | | Tags: Primary

It has been wonderful to see the return of Year 6 Maths extension classes this term, with a group of Primary students making weekly trips to the Secondary Maths department. It is a fantastic opportunity for these students to think laterally and creatively, tackling subject material well outside their…

COBIS Virtual Debate Competition 2021
COBIS Virtual Debate Competition 2021

Dec 07, 2021 | | Tags: Sixth Form

Congratulations to EIC White & Blue who represented our school with great skill, pride and enthusiasm. To reach the final from 65 teams from schools from all over the world is a wonderful achievement. EIC, our small community school, competed in 10 debates winning 8! It has been an honour and a privilege…

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Year 2 Making Puppets as Part of their Topic about Toys

Dec 03, 2021 |

2S really enjoyed making their own puppets as part of their topic about 'Toys'. They designed their puppet and then worked really carefully to sew it together. After that, they decorated their puppet to make them into their chosen character.

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Sixth Form First Aid Course

Dec 02, 2021 | | Tags: Sixth Form

As part of the Sixth Form PE course, all students are invited to undertake the Emergency First Response (First Aid Course) as an option within the PE timetable. This involves students learning and practising the key skills of CPR, First Aid and how to effectively respond to an emergency. Sixteen students…

The Lost World by Leonardo in Year 5
The Lost World by Leonardo in Year 5

Nov 27, 2021 | | Tags: Primary

Leonardo in Year 5, has been working on his first novel for some months now and we are delighted to finally be able to share with you, "The Lost World". This has been a very interesting process for Leonardo, who, after writing the original text, had it proof-read and edited with the help of some of…

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Year 6 - Experiences of WW2

Nov 26, 2021 | | Tags: Primary

Year 6 were extremely fortunate to have Phoenix’s ‘Oma’ come and speak to them today via a zoom call from the U.K. Fay had a fascinating and inspirational story to share all about her family’s experiences of WW2.  From the 82 year old Anderson shelter still in her garden, to her cousin’s experiences…

Year 5 & 6 Project Presentations

Nov 22, 2021 | | Tags: Primary

Last week, Year 5 and Year 6 embarked upon our first set of Primary Projects for this academic year; what inspiring and informative days they were. To build on our previous successes, this year the students took on a slightly different approach to the projects. Linked not only to our Year of Environmental…



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