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Year 9 Chemistry - Effect Rate Between Marble Chips and Hydrochloric Acid When Increasing Surface Area

Feb 08, 2022 | | Tags: Science, KS3

Year 9 investigating the effect of increasing surface area on the rate of reaction between marble chips and hydrochloric acid. Students also learn how to set up apparatus new to them. It is quite difficult to set up this apparatus; filling up the measuring cylinder with water and turning it upside…

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Children's Mental Health Week

Feb 07, 2022 | | Tags: Primary

It is Children's Mental Health Week and EIC teachers have planned a week of different activities and moments in lessons to focus on this year's theme: Growing Together. With the help of our Primary House Captains, Miss Harriet spoke to all Primary students today about what mental health is and how…

Year 2 Enjoyed Learning about Chinese New Year
Year 2 Enjoyed Learning about Chinese New Year

Feb 07, 2022 | | Tags: Primary

Last week, Year 2 enjoyed learning about Chinese New Year, as part of their activities. In our Art lessons, we worked really hard to fold, colour and assemble our amazing Chinese Dragons and we are all very proud of them, as you can see from the pictures!

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Year 7 Job Advertisement for a Position in a Medieval Castle

Feb 05, 2022 | | Tags: Humanities, KS3

Year 7 were asked to create a job advertisement for a typical position that would have been needed in a medieval castle. This is part of the KS3 History curriculum, Castle Unit, teaching students about different castle types and the people who were a part of them.

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Celebrating 40 Years - it is nice to reflect on what our building used to look like

Feb 03, 2022 | | Tags: Celebrating 40 Years

Celebrating 40 Years - As we are celebrating 40 years of school history, it is nice to reflect on what our building used to look like. Not many realise that our school was previously a hotel/resort where the Primary school classrooms were guest rooms, the main hall was a cinema house and a drive-in cinema…

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Year 6 learnt about Peppered moths also known as Darwin's Moths

Feb 01, 2022 | | Tags: Primary

After having learnt about Peppered moths (also known as Darwin's moths), Year 6 were asked to find a tree within the school, on which a moth could possibly live and how it would begin to adapt it's appearance to remain camouflaged from predators. To create the same texture and look of their chosen tree,…

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Year 12 Drama students have been performing their own character monologues and duologues.

Jan 31, 2022 | | Tags: Drama, Expressive Arts

Using given questions, freewriting and first line/last line, students created some interesting scenarios and characters which they then developed into two minute monologues. Rehearsals and preparations focused on exploring vocal skills, accents, movement and physicality. Thinking about another character…

Year 10 learnt to carry out a Titration for the first time in Chemistry

Jan 28, 2022 | | Tags: Science

Year 10 learnt to carry out a Titration for the first time in Chemistry, one of the most well-known experiments used by established chemists in both research and industry. This is a technique that requires many skills, including accurate hand eye coordination, precise measurement readings and visual…

Year 4 - Sound Pitch Through Materials of Varying Thickness, Length and Tension

Jan 28, 2022 | | Tags: Primary

Year 4 were thoroughly engaged in learning the effects of sound pitch through different materials with varying thickness, length and tension.

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Year 8 have been studying Pythagoras’ Theorem

Jan 27, 2022 | | Tags: KS3

In Maths, Year 8 have been studying Pythagoras’ Theorem and looked at solving more complex problems by applying the formula and perfecting their algebraic manipulation skills.



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