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Year 6 Activities Week

Year 6 Activities Week

We’re just back from the Sierra de las Nieves after a fantastic week of fun and entertainment! On Monday, we enjoyed a great day out at AquaMijas. Tuesday morning was spent building sandcastles, playing volleyball and football, and having a class vs. class tug-of-war at Siroko Beach. Returning to school, we dove into the pool via the waterslide before having lunch poolside. The afternoon was spent relaxing with a Netflix session.

Our residential began on Wednesday at 8:15am! By 9am, we were on our way, stopping at El Chorro to kayak in the warm Spanish sun. That was just the start of our fun. We climbed higher into the mountains, enjoying the stunning views of the Spanish countryside. Upon arrival at Camping Sierra de las Nieves, we settled in quickly and began a brilliant carousel of activities. The monitors from Querkas Aventura were fun and quickly established a great rapport with us. The children loved being in two big rooms with about twenty bunk beds each. They could roll from one side of the room to the other without touching the floor! Some children said their time in the rooms was the best, which says a lot because the outside activities were fantastic.

Each day was filled with morning, afternoon, and nighttime activities, yet there was still time to eat, sleep, siesta, socialise, swim in the pool, and play football on the pitch! Although the pace of life was a bit slower, there was still a sense of energy and excitement during activity times, from archery to ziplines, tag rugby, orienteering, treasure hunts, frisbee, rock climbing, abseiling, walking, and 4x4 rides. The nighttime challenge of ‘Capture the Flag’ saw the children immerse themselves in total darkness to defeat the monitors. When the music started for the final night’s disco, the children blew us away with their energy and dance moves! What a great night! What a great time!

Sadness came when, just like sliding from side to side at the waterpark on Monday, we descended to the coast on the bus, arriving back at school by 5pm to reunite with family and friends. We were happy to bring back stories and memories from this unforgettable week.



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