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Foundation Stage Sports Day Highlights!

Foundation Stage Sports Day Highlights!

The aim of this year's Foundation Stage Sports Day was all about inclusion, enjoyment, and having fun! It was amazing to see so many parents coming out to support their children, despite their busy schedules. Your participation on the balance bikes and space hoppers really showed how far you're willing to go to make the event as exciting as possible for your little ones. We truly appreciate it! 

Our young athletes showcased their skills learned in PE this year, including agility, coordination, balance, and speed. The activities were a fantastic way for the children to shine and for parents to see their progress.

Highlights of the day:

  • Agility Course: Cones and hurdles galore!
  • Balance Beam: Steady as they go!
  • Coordination Drills: Bean bag tosses and ball relays.
  • Speed Races: Zoom, zoom!

A special shoutout to Mr. Brett for getting the crowd pumped with his press-up challenge!  And to our incredible Foundation Stage staff who were put through their paces by some very excited children!

A HUGE thank you to the Year 7 students who led the event from start to finish. You were absolutely fabulous and a credit to the school. 

Well done, everyone! Here's to more fun-filled, inclusive events in the future.



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