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The EIC Shines at International Schools Competition

The EIC Shines at International Schools Competition

The Estepona Municipal Athletics Stadium was abuzz with energy as 52 students from Years 7-10 gathered to showcase their athletic prowess. Hosted under a scorching sun and clear blue skies, the stage was set for a thrilling display of talent and determination. However, as the day progressed, a challenging element emerged: a relentless wind that swept across the track, posing a formidable obstacle for the competing athletes.

Amidst this demanding backdrop, the EIC emerged as a beacon of excellence, delivering a stellar performance that left spectators in awe. Despite being one of the smaller contingents in terms of student numbers, the school's athletes demonstrated unparalleled skill and determination, securing multiple gold medals across various disciplines.

In a testament to their dedication and hard work, the EIC clinched the remarkable achievement of second place overall out of nine participating schools. This feat is made all the more impressive considering the school's comparatively modest size, highlighting the exceptional talent and commitment of its students and staff.

Throughout the competition, the EIC athletes showcased their versatility and proficiency across a range of events, from sprints to middle-distance races, from high jumps to shot puts. Their resilience in the face of challenging weather conditions further underscored their unwavering determination to succeed.

The success of the EIC at the International Schools Athletics Competition serves as a testament to the school's commitment to fostering excellence in both academics and sports. By nurturing a culture of perseverance, teamwork, and discipline, the school empowers its students to strive for greatness in all endeavours.

Well done team!



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