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Suomen yhteys

Suomen yhteys

The EiC was delighted to have welcomed visitors from Pihtipudas Senior Secondary School last Friday! A group of 13 students and three teachers enjoyed a lovely morning chatting with our Primary students, talking about Finland, their hometown, their school, and of course, the customs, food, and sports of Finland.

We were so impressed by the visiting students' level of English and by how easily they chatted with our Primary pupils. They had made a PowerPoint presentation which was talked through in each year group, and then our new Finnish friends answered all sorts of questions posed by the EiC pupils. Some pupils even joined in playing rounders in PE lessons.

We finished the morning's visit with a full Primary meet in the Secret Garden, where the visitors demonstrated two favourite children's dances; our Primary pupils (and teachers!) then all joined in with the actions shown, and for the second dance, we all got up and completed a fabulous 'Conga'-like dance of repeated steps with Miss Harriet calling out the steps to keep us all in time!

Thank you so much to our Pihtipudas visitors for introducing us to a different culture, a new language, and for being so happy to answer all of our questions. This was a wonderful opportunity to share so much between our schools and our cultures, and I, for one, know that our students went home buzzing with lots of news of the day's events and visitors, and newly acquired facts about Finland!



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