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Year 13 Students Celebrated Their Final Day of School

Year 13 Students Celebrated Their Final Day of School

Last Friday, our Year 13 students celebrated their final day of school before study leave and their A Level exams.

The day started with a buffet breakfast in the Secret Garden. The Year 13s came dressed as different staff members, enjoying old class photos, socialising with teachers, and taking group photos with their classmates, tutor groups, and matching teachers.

After breakfast, the highlight of the day was a highly anticipated match between Year 13 and an All-Star staff team. Many Primary and Secondary students came out to support. The game was competitive yet played in good spirits, creating a celebratory atmosphere. It was inspiring to see staff and students who don't usually participate in our regular Friday games getting involved, setting a positive example for younger students, while regular players showcased their skills.

Following lunch, we headed to the beach for a couple of relaxing hours. Beach volleyball and paddle boarding were enjoyed, with regular breaks for applying sunscreen.

The Year 13s and their teachers had a fantastic day, celebrating their accomplishments during their time at EIC. We wish them the best for their upcoming exams and their post-EIC futures. We eagerly await their graduation dinner and speech day to bid them farewell in style.



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