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Polar Bear Challenge 2021 - EIC Raise Over 500 Euros

Polar Bear Challenge 2021 - EIC Raise Over 500 Euros

Four cold and clear mornings at the end of term gave all of our "Bears" the chance to safely take on the 14th Polar Bear challenge. Remarkably, over 100 Santa hat-wearing, crazy participants completed the 2.5km run and the icy pool swim to claim their hot chocolate prize! It was a delight to see so many students take part and a pleasure to work with all the staff in maintenance, administration, teacher marshals and security. A real team effort!

All this collaboration has managed to raise over 500 euros which will be sent directly to the Materno Infantil in Malaga. A reminder of just how fortunate we all are to have full mobility and health!

Congratulations and thank you to all participants. Special mention to Kevin K for all his filming each morning on his bike,to Alex C for his fantastic poster and certificates and to Mario who set a new course record of 10:12! Until next time……

Race winners:


  • Mario 10:12
  • Lola 15:05


  • Daniel 12:18
  • Olivia 12:43


  • Konstantin 13:59
  • Carlotta 13:09

KS2 Winners

  • Y5/6 Mateo 11:53 Lily 14:40
  • Y3/4 Harley 12:51 Giselle 16:39



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