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Year 5 & 6 Project Presentations

Last week, Year 5 and Year 6 embarked upon our first set of Primary Projects for this academic year; what inspiring and informative days they were.

To build on our previous successes, this year the students took on a slightly different approach to the projects. Linked not only to our Year of Environmental Awareness, but also to prevalent issues and current affairs facing our world today, children were set the task of researching and investigating controversial topics such as ‘Is it too late to make a change?’,  ‘What are the challenges facing sustainable energy?’’ ‘How does plastic in the ocean affect our aquatic environment?’ and ‘Human Overpopulation’.

They were first asked to come up with a thought provoking question to answer. All members of the group then researched different areas and together they wrote their speeches and prepared their slides. Presentations were practised and refined and last week, their parents, other students and Primary and Secondary teachers, witnessed their confident, well-spoken and highly informative presentations. They also faced the challenge of thinking on their feet in a short Q&A session.

Developing confident speaking skills is not only an integral part of their education, but it also provides great preparation for any public speaking and debating skills they use in future years. These children certainly exceeded our expectations in all of these areas and really gave us all something to think about. What small changes can you and your family make to help our planet today?



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