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GCSE Component 1 Practical Drama Examination

GCSE Component 1 Practical Drama Examination

Are 'Happy Ever Afters' always what they seem?

On Thursday 18th November the GCSE component 1 practical drama examination took place albeit without a live audience.

This year, Tiger, Elena, Sophie and Eva's piece, 'Happy Ever After?' depicted a modern twist on some well known fairy tales that highlight and question a more sinister meaning behind the ‘Happy Ever Afters’ that we traditionally know. Hoping to raise awareness on current topical subjects, they used four fairytales; Alice in Wonderland, Sleeping Beauty, Snow White and Rapunzel to explore some of the modern problems and issues young adults could be facing behind the ‘Happy Ever After’ we normally see. As their stories unfold through the use of role-play, physical theatre and adapted nursery rhymes, the audience are asked to consider how these issues are affecting young adults in our society. Their intention was to convey how traditional fairy tales only portray the happy side and never the reality behind the stories. Was it really the ‘happy ever after’ they were looking for in the first place?

With Covid restrictions still in place it has continued to be a challenging few months for the year 11 drama students but as always the resilience, innovation and commitment of those involved resulted in a powerful, thought-provoking and outstanding performance that once again highlighted the talent and abilities of our students, who gave dedicated, focused, faultless and sophisticated portrayals on the day.

A huge well done and congratulations to Tiger, Elena, Sophie and Eva; they should be extremely proud of their achievements.

Mrs Clarke



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