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Year 4 had an awesome outing to the Castellar Zoo

Year 4 had an awesome outing to the Castellar Zoo

They could easily get away with calling it the Big Cat Zoo as we saw so many gorgeous felines: black panther, caracal, Iberian lynx, serval, puma, lions and tigers!

We loved watching the acrobatic monkeys at play and cute piglets rolling in the mud. It was a hands on experience with goats nibbling our clothes, birds flying onto our shoulders, hands, arms (and heads!) trying to get to the seeds; a curious baby monkey trying to take off our masks; a snake slithering on our shoulders; 'Champion' the world's fastest downhill flyer posing for photos; and stroking a lemur - which we were told is the ape with the second loudest call.

There were stunning peacocks on the loose making 'meowing' noises, according to the children. We also saw seals (in a newly built pool) and sharks (not big ones though!) and learnt about endangered species.

A great trip all round!



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