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EIC Sound Garden

Last week, after a period without many performance opportunities, we were able to inaugurate a new musical concept! This is very much building on the success of last year's open mic sessions, a variation on a theme! With COVID and safety in mind we have moved the event to the beautiful gardens in front of the language block and rebranded it, EIC Sound Garden! It was a resounding success with some stellar performances.

With each year group remaining safe and distant on separate lawns and in open air, staff and students took the opportunity to soak up the warming Spring sun whilst enjoying a live music session in EIC's beautiful gardens. A massive thank you to all performers: Santi, Izzy, Ellie, Aisha, Lola, Emily, Sergio, Kevin and Kate. Their skill and dedication were evident throughout this lunchtime performance. We were treated to beautiful singing mixed in with rock and roll guitar, an improvised drum solo, all topped off with a performance from the Year 9 band! We really do have some musical talent at EIC!

We eagerly await the next Sound Garden event which should be half way through the next term. We already have a waiting list of performers including more vocals, a trumpeter, piano players and another band!!! In the future who knows, EIC Music Festival?!!!

Many thanks from me to all who were involved including performers, site staff, technical staff and teachers.

Please feel free to contact me if your child is interested in starting lessons on a musical instrument.

Happy Easter

Mr Dave Cale











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