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Year 11 Drama GCSE Practical Examination

Year 11 Drama GCSE Practical Examination

Despite the unconventional start to 2021, the Year 11 Drama group have continued preparing for their second GCSE practical examination over the last two months which this year was adapted to one solo performance due to the pandemic and restrictions in place. On Wednesday 3rd February, each student performed a monologue from their chosen play texts including: 4.48 Psychosis, The Pillowman, Five Kinds of Silence, After Juliet and An Accidental Death of An Anarchist. Although there was no visiting examiner or audience this year with the performances being filmed instead, Julie, Lucia, Alex, Charlie and Aisha rose to the occasion and gave engaging, mature and polished portrayals that demonstrated their dramatic skills and confidence. Congratulations to all students involved for their hard work and excellent performances on the day, especially during these challenging times.

Mrs Clarke



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