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Year 6 Students Helping Elderly Citizens

Year 6 Students Helping Elderly Citizens

When Year 6 students were given the brief to their Primary Project back at the end of September, one of the points that was raised was asking them to do something that went beyond the project and the exhibition; to get involved and take action for a sustained period of time and really make a difference.

Well, Nicolas and Marcos did just that! For those of you who were lucky enough to come along at the end of November to the exhibition, you may remember a timeline of events that these boys had planned to take action within our local community. They have started to work with Villa Alhamar Residence Center, to help the elderly citizens in our local community. The boys have planned different events to take them all the way through to the month of June.

So far, they have helped to organise and host an afternoon tea and traditional dance. More recently, they went to help a group make Christmas crafts.

As you can see from the photos, the sheer joy and delight that these small acts of kindness provide are absolutely priceless and magical. I am delighted to hear that Nicolas and Marcos, alongside Gabriela from Year 4, are acting as inspirational leaders for their peers, who are now also enquiring about how they can get involved at future events.

I am incredibly proud of these students for not just having the idea in the first place, but taking the initiative and having the drive to see it through. Of course, this would not be possible without the help of their families - all are a credit to EIC. I hope to attend one of the events next year to see for myself the action that is taking place.

AMAZING WORK! Well done to everyone involved.

Miss Harriet



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