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Fundatul Charity

Last Friday, I was honoured to be invited to a special lunch, organised by Fundatul, the foundation that recommended Alejandro to us. The lunch was to celebrate the companies that collaborate with Fundatul, a charity that ensures employment for people with disabilities. Many companies were present, it was a lovely afternoon spent chatting to employees and employers from Costa del Sol and we were lucky enough to be awarded a plaque for our collaboration and commitment to them. It was held at Donatella Beach Club, San Pedro, and a few dignitaries were present as well as the President of the organization itself, Ms. Remedios Nieto Palacios.

Victoria Campos

Video Credits:

San Pedro PLURAL TV - https://youtu.be/dOsjOU-ceUA

boommarbellatv.es - https://youtu.be/HdsTrX8E-wI



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