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Primary Maths Day - The Mathematical Crystal Maze.

Primary Maths Day - The Mathematical Crystal Maze.

Children from Early Years through to Year 6 took part in an exciting Mathematical Crystal Maze challenge last Friday.
Children were in their Key Stages and then in House Teams, with the intent to collect as many crystals as possible, to gain the opportunity to compete in the final challenge - entering the 'Crystal Dome'. This was for the top 2 teams with the most amount of crystals. Every crystal counted as crystals were worth precious seconds in the final.

Children won their crystals in each zone by solving timed challenges. In KS2, these were based on ancient cultures that made important mathematical discoveries. In KS1/EY the zones children visited were; Toys, At the seaside, On the farm, At the supermarket. Children were given 3 or 4 minutes to solve their given challenge.

The PTA also set up a Maths Fair where children could choose a variety of mathematical challenges that they wanted to do; winning house points for themselves and their house. A big thank you to the PTA for their help. As always their support in our events is invaluable.

As well as using their shape, logic and number skills, all children had to think quickly, think outside of the box, listen to the advice of their team members and also work efficiently together as a team.

A tremendous well done to Dali 2 and Dali 4 in KS2 for being the KS2 competitors to make it successfully the final and to Dali 3, Miro 4 and Picasso 3 in KS1 to make it through to their final.

In the final, children had to gather together as many dominoes as possible. All even numbers were added together and all negative numbers were subtracted, leaving a final total and a final winner.

Our overall winners in KS2 were Dali 2 (Adam, Krish, Andrey, Eva, Olivia and Beatrice) in KS1 Miro 4 (Lucia, Fernando, Sadie, Lucy, Amira and Misael).

Congratulations also to Rodrigo (Y6), Paola (Y6), Valentino (Y5) and Isabella (Y1) for coming closest in the estimations challenges.

Huge congratulations to our winners and also to everyone for taking part in our first Mathematical Crystal Maze Challenge. We are already looking forward to seeing what challenges next year's maze has in store for us.

Miss Kasia
Primary Maths



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