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International School's Athletics 2017 - Cartama

International School's Athletics 2017 - Cartama

Simply the best!

EIC's Athletics squad were pitted against 11 other schools this year at the International Schools' Athletics Meet at the Estadio de Cartama near Malaga.

Their effort, commitment and preparation for the event over the past 7 weeks was faultless. Their dry run at last week's inter-house sports day was essential. All they needed to do was perform at their peak to ensure we had a fighting chance of retaining the trophy.

They did!

Track: From the first race to the last, EIC showed grit, determination and a touch of class culminating in some superb, smooth, clean and fast relay change overs solidifying our position at the top of the table.

Field: Throughout the field competition all EIC students finished in the top five, with 12 first or second place finishes.

Final Scores for the top five:

EIC 752
Soto 674
Aloha 641
Swans 548
Laude 514



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