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Parent & Student Return to School Guide

Updated: 10 February 2022 - 08:00

The English International College is committed to providing a safe and stimulating campus for our students for the start of the school year. We have worked with the local authorities and the latest COVID guidelines to make the following changes in terms of the school day and campus. These guidelines and subsequent updates can also be found on our website.

Any updates or amendments from Junta de Andalucia in terms of guidelines that impact the school can be found by following the link above.



Movement Around School

From the 31st August, the school will have a one way system to help students, parents and staff to move efficiently and safely around campus. Details of this can be found on the attached school map. This will impact both parents visiting school to drop off their children and also students as they move around the school between lessons and as they go to break and lunchtimes.




The use of masks is required for all adults who access and/or stay on-site.

Students aged 3 - 6 years old do have to wear a mask as they enter and leave the school in addition to when they move around school. They will not have to wear this in class and can remove the mask once they are in their classroom.

All other students from Year 1 (aged 6 years) upwards will be required to wear masks in classrooms and any other enclosed areas, with any necessary breaks. However, students will now not be required to wear masks in playgrounds, sports grounds, or any outdoors areas. Students must bring their own mask plus a spare from home.


On the Campus, students must maintain a 1.5m distance guide between themselves and others, whenever possible, and, at the very least, maintain a physical distance so that they are not breathing on or touching each other. For students in Early Year and Key Stage 1 this distance should be respected when possible,considering the limitations of the natural environment



Dropping Off, Collection Points and Times

Due to the age of the students, parents of students in Foundation Stage and Key Stage 1 will be able to drop off directly to the classroom from 8.30am. Parents must wear masks and follow the one-way system.

Students from Key Stage 2 to Key Stage 5 can enter the campus from 8.30am and must go directly to classrooms and tutor bases. A member of the Senior Management team will be on the Secondary and Primary gates to welcome students.

In order to minimize congestion a Primary School entrance and exit gate has been created and parents will need to wait for their children at the following times.

End of the Day Collection Times:

Foundation Stage and Key Stage 1

3:30pm (on site collection, please stay in allocated zones).

Key Stage 2

3:40 - 3:50pm (Primary Exit, please wait at the Student Drop off Zone, see map).

Key Stage 3

3:55pm (Outside Main School Exit)

As soon as you have collected your child, please be prompt in leaving the campus in order to help us minimise congestion.

Following on from the end of last year, the Refectory will remain closed to visitors and parents dropping off or collecting their children.




Students will be required to use sanitizers before and after each lesson or session, with dispensers available in all classrooms and communal areas. We would ask visitors to also use sanitizers at entry and exit points.

Outside learning spaces have been created around the campus in which lessons can take place with adjustments made to all classroom spaces to ensure there is natural ventilation or air purifiers.

Classroom desks will be cleaned after each class, this includes the computing labs. Equipment in practical lessons will be sanitised after each session. Secondary students must bring their own pencil case and not share their equipment with others. Primary students will be given their own pot or pencil case (dependent on Key Stage) of equipment that will stay in school. All teaching spaces will comply with the guidelines on social distancing.



Teaching Staff

All staff will be wearing protective facemasks in school and have been trained on key procedures and protocols to support the wellbeing and safety of the students. Our priority and central to all that we do is to deliver effective teaching and learning in a safe learning environment.




In accordance with recommendations for the start of the school year, students will be in year group ”bubbles”. This will not impact on subject lessons but will mean that at break or lunch times each year group will eat together and have specific outside spaces around the campus in which to play and exercise.

In Primary, students will be based in their year group classrooms with specialist teachers delivering the lesson from those rooms, thus restricting unnecessary movement around the campus.


Health Protocols

Any student exhibiting symptoms of fever, cough or difficulty breathing will not be permitted to enter the school campus. In addition, students should not come to school if they have any symptoms of feeling unwell. For further details, please read our Illness Policy which is located here: https://eicmarbella.fireflycloud.net/school-policies/illness

If a student does develop COVID symptoms during the course of the school day they will be taken to the nurse and be isolated until parents can collect them. As you appreciate we have to be vigilant and sensitive so not to distress or cause unnecessary concern for the child.

General measures

  • Frequent hand hygiene is the main measure for prevention of infection and control.
  • Respiratory hygiene - wearing of masks.

Cover your nose and mouth with a tissue when coughing or sneezing and dispose immediately into a bin. *If tissues are not available cough/sneeze into the inner side of your elbow.

  • Avoid touching your eyes, nose & mouth with your hands to avoid possible transmission.
  • Maintain physical distance from others of 1,5 metres. When this is not possible use adequate protective measures.

Application of Staff measures

  • The following personnel will not come to work,
    a) Staff who are home isolating due to a COVID-19 diagnosis or have any symptoms compatible with COVID-19.
    b) Staff who have no symptoms but are self isolating due to contact with a person with symptoms or a confirmed COVID-19 diagnosis:
  • In compliance with risk and labour regulations, the person in charge of the Centre is responsible to comply and action preventative and hygiene measures for all personnel.
  • All personnel to have permanent access to soap and water or hydroalcoholic gels/ disinfectants, authorized by the Ministry of Health.
  • The use of masks will be compulsory at all times (staff).
  • In the case of pre-school students, SEN and support staff, the use of other transparent protective materials and gloves may be necessary.
  • Minimize the sharing and use of common tools and materials in the workplace such as pens, pencils, keyboards, tablets, telephones etc if it is not possible to disinfect after each use.
  • In the event that uniforms or work overalls are used, they are to be washed and disinfected regularly, *recommendation is to wash at temperatures over 60ºC.
  • All personnel, during the course of their working day must adopt the necessary measures to avoid the spread of COVID-19.

Specific measures applicable to students

  • Hydroalcoholic gels will be available at the main entrance of the school and in all classrooms, to be used by students on entry and exit. If hands are visibly dirty then they are to be washed with soap and water as hand gel may not be effective.
  • For children who frequently put their hands in their mouths, washing with soap and water is recommended instead of hydroalcoholic gels.
  • Masks and distance (see section on use of masks).
  • Year groups will have their own designated areas during break time and lunch.
  • Students will be prevented from sharing objects or school supplies, ensuring that they do not change tables/desks during a school day.
  • Daily washing of uniform/PE kit is recommended.

Measures for limited contact

  • As a general rule a minimum distance of 1,5 metres will be sought by all Staff.

Student bubbles may be established between pre-school, Year 1 and Special Needs students as masks are not obligatory amongst these age groups.

  • When Year groups superior to those mentioned in the previous point cannot maintain recommended distancing in class, group bubbles can also be formed.

Group bubbles will have the following conditions:

  • Students in their ”bubble group” will interact with each other, socialize and play without having to guarantee the specified distance. These groups, where possible, will reduce interaction with other bubble groups therefore limiting their contact with other members of the school.
  • They will use one or more designated classrooms to undertake their lessons and activities limiting their movement around campus. It will be teaching staff who will move from one classroom to another.
  • All teaching support to such bubbles will be carried out within the designated classrooms.
  • The number of teachers teaching these students will be kept to a minimum ensuring that Primary tutors teach as many areas as possible.
  • The school campus must comply with preventative measures in accordance with the different activities they perform and spaces that they use in both private and common areas (ie: study rooms, libraries, dining rooms, toilets, etc.).

To avoid crowding at the Access and Exit points by providing the following:

  • Provide different access and exit points.
  • Establish an extended time for student access and exit to and from campus.
  • Establish single files for students in exterior spaces to maintain social distancing.
  • Stagger the exit of students from classrooms.
  • Parents/Guardians may only enter the school campus in an emergency or by invitation of a member of staff, complying with safeguarding measures in place at all times.
  • Schools will endeavour to establish that adults accompanying children do not form part of vulnerable or high risks groups.
  • Establish flow systems around campus allowing space and distancing between students and staff.
  • The movement of large groups of students will be kept to a minimum giving teaching staff improved movement to access their classes.
  • The use of outdoor space will be a priority.
  • Such activities as sport, recreational or leisure will be taught in open spaces without direct contact unless the group is a designated bubble. Activities which require direct contact by students will be temporarily suspended.
  • For those subjects such as Dance, Music and Drama where groups of students are interactive these lessons will be conducted in larger interior or exterior spaces with good ventilation to allow social distancing or use of additional protective measures where necessary.
  • Rules relating to numbers on campus will be established including the capacity available in libraries, assembly halls and other large spaces.
  • For recreational purposes open spaces will be optimised and lessons staggered to avoid contact between large and different academic year groups.
  • In the case of extracurricular activities outside of school, rules will be established within stipulated guidelines when using transport etc maintaining social distancing with the use of masks.
  • Use of School Dining facilities/Cafeterias: this activity will comply with all necessary regulations to enable the facility to be used.
  • In the case of transport, all vehicles are to comply with the Rule/ June 19th, 2020, by which Preventive Public Health measures are adopted in the autonomous Region of Andalusia to face the health crisis caused by the Coronavirus (COVID -19), once the state of alarm has ceased, ensuring the maximum possible separation in the case of students using school transport.





COVID Team and COVID Plan

RESPONSIBILITIES OF THE COVID-19 TEAM. In the event that a student or an employee present symptoms, the COVID-19 Coordinator holds the following obligations:

  • Inform the Risk Prevention Service.
  • Identify the people with whom the affected person has had contact within the school and inform the Management
  • Check up on the infected employee confirming a diagnosis.
  • Report positive cases to the appropriate authority.
  • Maintain a smooth and effective communication with those affected and healthcare services.

The listed responsibilities may be restricted or extended at any time, in accordance with possible modifications to current regulations indicated by the authorities. In the event of a positive case or an outbreak, the school will act in accordance with the measures dictated by the authorities.


  • SLT and member of Administration.
  • Head of Cleaning
  • COVID Coordinator - Nurse
  • Health Dept. Liaison
  • Employment risk prevention representative (Mutua)
  • Town Hall Liaison
  • Designated Health Center link
Suspected Cases - Protocol

Student with symptoms: Immediately report to Nurse's office where they will be provided with a mask, if they don't already have one, and Parents/legal guardians will be contacted. Parents/Guardians will be legally obliged to contact their Health Center and school will activate the Covid Plan.

Staff with symptoms: Immediately report to Nurse's office where they will be provided with a mask, if they don't already have one, and will be obliged to contact their Health Centre and the school will activate the Covid Plan.

Confirmed cases - Protocol

In the event that the school becomes aware of the existence of a CONFIRMED CASE among its students or employees (teaching or non-teaching), it will act as follows:

  • The Covid team will contact the Health department liaison team.
  • When the confirmed case is a student and the communication is received by the school within a school day, parents of students in the same class will be contacted immediately, to enable them to collect their child(ren) in a normal and phased manner, maintaining protective measures at all times (mask and physical distancing). Parents will be informed that they must begin a statutory quarantine period, and that Local Health Care authorities will be in contact with them.
  • When the confirmed case is a student and the communication is received outside of school hours, the parents of the students in the same class will be contacted, to prevent them from returning to school. Parents will be informed that they must begin a statutory quarantine period, and that the local Health Care Authority will be in contact with them.
  • Regarding the teachers of the classroom where a case of a student has been confirmed, an individual evaluation will be carried out by the local Health Care Authority (Epidemiology) and the relevant procedures to be followed will be given.
  • In the event of a confirmed case being a member of staff - that person will be instructed to remain at home. The local Health Authority (Epidemiology) will evaluate the situation and that of possible contact with other personnel or students based on the specific activity of each Centre. Once the evaluation has been completed full guidance will be given to the Centre, personnel and the person(s) affected.


Cleaning, Disinfection & Ventilation Measures

  • Cleaning, disinfection and ventilation of all common areas.
  • Ongoing ventilation of all common areas.
  • Cleaning of toilet areas (toilets, sinks, switches, taps etc.) after each break.
  • Cleaning of hallways twice a day, once mid-morning and again at the end of the school day.
  • Cleaning and ventilation of the dining room before the commencement and at the end of each sitting.
  • Disinfection of all cleaning materials at the end of the day.


  • CLASSROOMS: Cleaning, Disinfection and Ventilation.
  • Windows and doors to be kept open during class, where possible.
  • Each classroom to be supplied with disinfectant solution and cleaning cloths: Teachers to clean tables and chairs between classes and disinfect materials that is shared during class.


Temperature Checks

As recommendations have outlined that these checks are not to take place at the entrance to the school. In the event of your child feeling unwell or as part of your daily routine we advise that you take their temperature. If a student has a temperature of 37.5 or above they cannot attend school. A doctor's note will be required for the student to return to campus.



Lunch and Breaks

As outlined above students will be eating lunch in their year group with lunchtimes staggered to ease the flow of students entering and leaving the cafeteria facilities.

For secondary students, they will need to bring in a snack for breaktime (11.10am) this can be eaten in their designated zone of the campus.

In all of these measures we are guided by the documentation sent from the Junta de Andalucia.



Online Learning

Our expectation is that all students will return to the school campus for the start of term, and all the guidelines discussed here are to facilitate a safe return to school.

Should there be a situation where a student is unwell or unable to attend school due to self-isolation or potential travel restrictions, we are fortunate to already have a robust and comprehensive online platform, ensuring students will be able to continue with their learning until they are able to return to campus.