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Academic and Pastoral Team

Aims of the Academic and Pastoral Team 

The purpose of the Academic & Pastoral Team is to streamline and improve communication between the school and the parent body, raising both academic and pastoral issues. It will also serve to develop better links with the parent body in order to assist students with opportunities both within and outside of the classroom, such as work placements and Careers Week.  


In order to streamline the lines of communication, it was agreed that the current team of class representatives would be reduced to one parent representative from each year group, from EY to Yr 13, plus a Primary Coordinator and a Secondary Coordinator, who will meet monthly with the SLT (Senior Leadership Team).

Katie H. and Sophia B. were elected and agreed to be the Primary Coordinators.

Heather S. and Sarah C. were elected and agreed to be the Secondary Coordinators.

Class Representative


Early Years - Maryam K.
Reception - Sian R
Year 1 - Juanma
Year 2 - Katie H.
Year 3 - Sophia B.
Year 4 - Christine M.
Year 5 - Dessi
Year 6 - Karoliina


Year 7 - Lorenaa
Year 8 - Karoliina
Year 9 - Su W.
Year 10 - Christine M.
Year 11 - Debbi B.
Year 12 - Helga
Year 13 - Sarah C.

The role of the parent representative will be:

  1. To ensure that all parents are included on the WhatsApp group chats
  2. To liaise with the Coordinators to produce an agenda for the monthly meetings with the SLT
  3. To attend those meetings where they raise agenda items relevant to their year group or Key Stage (maximum once a month).

In order to maintain good communication and transparency, the minutes from these meetings will be available on Firefly for all parents to view.