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Board of Advisors

The function of the Board of Advisors is to ensure that any legal compliances or protocols are met, ensuring the school is a safe environment for all students and staff. Alongside this, it works to support and guide the school with the planning and delivery of development projects. Shareholders and legal administrators of the company form part of this board, along with members of the Senior Management Team.

The EIC Board is composed of a range of school stakeholders - see below for the a brief summary of those that make up this entity. 

Antje Gröning

Antje is our school legal administrator and in addition runs the Finance Department in school. 


Jose Artacho

Alongside Antje forms our other school legal administrator. 


Dr. Michael Sutcliffe 

Michael is a former Head of Mathematics at the school having previously worked at the school.


Victoria Campos 

Victoria is both the  Head of Administration and Human Resources at EIC 


Dr. Maria Sutcliffe

Maria has worked at the school for over 37 years and is the Head of Chemistry 


Chris Long 

Chris has been at the school for 13 year and is our school Principal. 


Harriet Gibson

Harriet has been at the school for 14 years and is the Head of Primary


Pete Willis 

Pete is the Head of Mathematics at EIC and has been at the school for over 10 years.


If you wish to contact the board - please email