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Physical Education - COVID-19 Guidelines

The Physical Education Department wishes to warmly welcome all of our EIC students back to school! 

We have missed you all and we are sure you are as ready as we are to get moving again. It is essential that all students feel comfortable and confident in returning to exercise and training. 

Firstly, we would like to apologise for the delay in making contact, however we hope you can all appreciate the necessity for this delay, due to the constant amendments and updates to governmental guidance. The current status allows us to facilitate individual training & fitness sessions (socially distanced). The aim of all of these sessions will be to gradually improve and rebuild cardiovascular levels of fitness, basic movement, coordination and balance skills.  We have rearranged changing spaces to increase the square footage available.  

Due to current restrictions we will begin with minimal equipment and individual performance only. The three main topic areas will be:


Students will require BOTH sets of kit for all timetabled lessons. Swimming kit required will be a towel, flip - flops, goggles and EIC swimming shorts/costume. Athletics / Cross Country kit is simply the EIC PE Top, EIC PE Shorts, white socks, suitable trainers and a change of underwear. It is imperative that all PE Kit is kept in a plastic bag and not left loose in the school bag, It is very important that all students are responsible for their own belongings. Well labelled equipment is essential. Lost property will no longer exist and any lost/left equipment will be discarded. 


Masks for P.E. will not be worn during activities that permit the 1.5m distancing. All students should therefore keep masks on when in changing rooms. While students are outdoors, masks will be collected and stored by P.E. staff. We would recommend all students have their own labelled plastic containers for their masks to be stored in.

Secondary Changing Arrangements

Students with P.E. before break will need to attend school in their P.E kit. In all other cases, they need to come in school uniform with their PE kit to change into. Boys will change in the Exam Hall while girls will have both changing rooms.

Primary Changing arrangements

Children will change for PE lessons in their classrooms. Girls and boys will be separated. If you have PE as the first lesson of the day, please can you come to school with your swimming kit under your PE kit. 

We advise all students to have their own large water bottle to ensure they are fully replenished after each lesson. This is particularly important in Secondary due to the prevalence of double lessons. These will be particularly demanding in the afternoon heat. Indeed, moreover sunscreen is now essential due to exposure times of over an hour. Please ensure you have your own labelled supply that is conducive to exercise.  We are continually striving to adhere to, and keep abreast of, all the latest guidance. Please remain assured that the sole purpose of all of our lessons will be to build a sound platform of health and fitness through gradually increasing the training thresholds across various movement patterns. 

We hope, through working together as a team, that parents and the P.E. Department can eventually return our students to their exceptionally high levels of performance to which we have become accustomed. Sadly, there will be no before or after school clubs until further notice. 

Kind Regards, 
P.E Department